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There was recently a 'Ski Release Party Event ' for a special edition ski made by the 'Rocky Mountain Underground' Ski Co. Though this 'RMU' ski, called "The Apostle," is sold to the public, this particular ski is designed with special graphics to honor a few of our Breckenridge Ski Patrol members including Sam T., Jingles, and me.

There is a stylized design rendering of Gandhi on the tip of the ski to honor Sam, a flying Cherub with a rifle to honor Jingles, and a streaming string of music notes to honor me. RMU is also donating 25% of each ski sold to the 'Dwight Brill Celebration of Life Fund.

The skis almost look 'too cool' to mount...but they're meant to be skied on. Special thanks to Brent Crabtree for the awesome graphics. Please consider and support RMU if you are in the market for some new skis.

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