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  • Sunday July 16th I will be performing at the Breckenridge Sunday Farmers Market. This weekly event is held outdoors at the Hyatt Main St. Station located at the junction of Main St. & S. Park Ave. in Breckenridge, CO. If you are in Breckenridge...please plan on stopping by. Subsequent to my performance I will be
    heading back over Hoosier Pass to the Festival in the Clouds.

  • Tuesday, August 15th, 2017 I will be performing at the Iowa Hill Trail from 10:00 am-10:30 am. More info at www.BreckCreate.org. The Town of Breckenridge is kicking off the Trail Mix Series from Aug.10th-Aug.20th 2017. These events...sponsored by BreckCreate.org & the Breckenridge International Festival of Art (BIFA)...combine art, 'live music', hiking & biking along several designated Breckenridge hiking/biking trails (Iowa Hill Trail, Moonstone Trail, Illinois Creek Trail). You will be infused with 'live music' & art during your hiking experience.
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Josh Galvin: singer-songwriter, mountain man

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